5 best online marketplaces to sell handmade crafts (Part 2)

DaWanda Despite being headquartered in Germany, DaWanda is currently rising to become the second most popular website in the world to buy and sell handmade goods. DaWanda is registered by 130,000 merchants, while Etsy is 875,000. And while the number of DaWanda shoppers certainly comes from all over the world, you must keep in mind that the par value is denominated in Euros – not Dollars, even in the case of buyers. and the sellers are all American.  DaWanda does not charge any booth registration fees – although the management company says it is likely that these will be replenished this year. However, the commission percentage when you sell out is 5%, which is much higher than the 3.5% of Etsy. As Europe’s largest online marketplace for handicrafts, DaWanda is a growing and knowledgeable company with extensive expertise in the complex areas of legal, tax, and business relationships in the Eurozone. That might

5 best online marketplaces to sell handmade crafts (Part 1)

Like many other items, without or choosing the wrong distribution channel, handmade products will fall into a tragedy of supply without meeting demand. The following 5 websites are some of the options that can help you buy handmade craft products. Like many other items, without or choosing the wrong distribution channel, handmade products will fall into a tragedy of supply without meeting demand. The following 5 websites are some of the options that can help you bring your handmade products to market. When you learn about all these five online websites, from big sites to small ones, from home-made sellers to second-hand goods, you can see how they recommend and sell. You can find everything you need, whether it’s a personal badge or a bridal veil. And keep in mind, “There is no rule against you from buying only one thing – except for items with a slash mark”. Etsy Silently seizing the opportunity,

Shopping and food in Brazil: Things to know

Not only possessing great landscapes, Brazil is also a gathering place for shopping and enjoying unique cuisine. Major shopping centers are concentrated in big cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, etc. Shopping: – To Brazil, visitors can shop in big cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, etc. – Shopping points are commercial centers or markets, pavements, etc. – Main items are souvenirs, handmade crafts, clothes, shoes, etc. – Visitors who love Brazilian music can go to Bazar Som Tres neighborhood – where a lot of CDs and DVDs are sold. However, the price here is so high. – Some popular shopping areas such as Mercado Modelo, Barra Shopping Center in Salvador, Manaus market in Manaus, Santa Felicidade shopping district in Curtitiba, etc. Cuisine: Brazilian cuisine is a wonderful blend of European migrant, African slave and Native Indian cuisine. – The typical dishes are: Feijoada, Bahian dishes,

Unique souvenirs you should buy when traveling to Brazil

Traveling to Brazil, you should find and buy unique souvenirs of this beautiful country as gifts for relatives and friends. The following travel experiences will suggest you to choose a good souvenir. Moqueca pot The Moqueca Pot is a slightly bulky souvenir gift, but many foreign tourists love to buy as souvenirs for relatives and friends. The Moqueca pot has a very tight lid, so it is suitable for storing meat, fish or steaming seafood. The flavor of the dish cooked in a clay pot is delicious and fresh. Cocktail Cachaça This is a very popular cocktail in Brazil. This drink is extracted from cachaca rum, lemon and sugar. Centuries ago, Cachaça cocktails were a luxury drink found only in luxury restaurants, but today, most households in Brazil use this drink. Buy some Cachaça cocktails as souvenirs so that your friends at home can also enjoy the delicious taste of

Unique gifts should buy when traveling to Brazil

In Brazil, you should immerse yourself in the passionate Flama dance, explore the wild Amazon forest and do not forget to buy unique souvenirs as gifts for friends and relatives. Colorful large woven hammocks, Havaianas flip-flops, Granado Pharmacies soap are all ideal choices for meaningful gifts brought from Brazil. Granado Pharmacies soap This is a soap that is loved by women because of its eye-catching appearance. Soap from Granado Pharmacias is a famous product in Brazil. They are stored in beautiful little bags with a mild fragrance. Especially, the beautiful, sparkling soap bars will be a great gift for friends when traveling to Brazil. Cachaca drinks This is a popular cocktail in Brazil. This drink is made from chum cachaca, lemon and sugar. Visitors can buy pre-packaged gifts to bring flavors from Brazil to your loved ones. Previously, cachaca was only used in restaurants or bars but today it has

17 interesting items you can buy in Brazil (Part 3)

Local souvenirs Brazil has some of the most iconic monuments in the world – Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and Maracaña to name some. These famous tourist destinations have naturally been replicated as souvenirs and, although a little confusing, have created a wonderful and unique souvenir. Look out for small Christ statues, glass rocks with a carving of Maracaña inside and a classic ‘I Love Rio’ T-shirt. Musical instrument Brazil has a lot of typical Brazilian folk music like samba, forró and funk. Although the large samba-related steel drums can be difficult to bring back to you, there are other traditional instruments like banjo, mandolin and pandeiro that make great gifts for music lovers. Hammock A hand-woven hammock made by a local Brazilian is a great way to celebrate Brazil. Although large cities tend not to use hammocks, they are common in small towns, coastal or rural areas. Locals weave them on the patio or

17 interesting items you can buy in Brazil (Part 2)

Havaiana National flip-flops have become a global phenomenon, Havaianas is a distinct Brazilian brand and must be in the closet of any Brazilian. Although these sandals are sold around the world, buying them from the country of origin is a bit more special, not to mention cheaper. There are Havaianas stores dotted all over the big city with a variety of colorful models and styles. Bahian women Bahian women are actually decorations that are usually from Bahia and northern Brazil. Often painted in dark skin, they are sometimes described as thoughtful looking ahead when they place their hands on their cheeks. They were dressed in a typical Bahian dress – a large, ankle-length skirt bulging out at the hips and decorated with bright, cheerful colors. Brazilian Candy Brazil has a lot of delicious sweets. Some great sweets to buy include paçoca, a sweet-flavored nut-based sweet like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, pão de mel, a small

17 interesting items you can buy in Brazil (Part 1)

With its striking coastline, biodiversity forests and the world’s most cosmopolitan city clusters, Brazil is an interesting country.  And if you come to this country, remember to buy some souvenirs, exotic items that you can only buy in Brazil. Cachaça To buy the cachaça properly, you should definitely buy it in Brazil. Considered a symbol of this country, this sugarcane-based beverage is available everywhere and local distilleries guarantee you will receive real goods. The best place to get an appetizer is in Paraty, a small coastal town in Rio de Janeiro that has a lot of great distilleries. You can try it before you buy – Gabriela cachaça is especially good. Cangas Cangas is basically a Brazilian beach towel with many uses; It can be used as a scarf, a beach skirt, a floating dress or a sofa night. They are quite beautiful and useful at the beach and are a great souvenir to remember

Buy handicrafts at Tiara Handycraft (Part 1)

Overview of Winarti Point Titik Winarti – Not many people care about people with disabilities. Especially if there are people who not only provide support and short-term facilities but also implement long-term programs. This is what Titik Winarti, a Tiara Handycraft business owner, provides to people with disabilities to work in their own places. With many cases of people with disabilities being discriminated against and rarely getting a position in the company, what is being done at this time is something extraordinary and very noble. After that, what was Titik Winarti’s business trip with the disabled to achieve this success? Here are the reviews. From a young age, Titik Winarti really liked everything related to art. The business blood of a woman born in Surabaya, March 11, 1970, is supported by her family environment. His father, Badowi and his mother, Toenah, own a wooden handicraft business next to her home.

10 Best Things to Buy in Japan when Attending the Tokyo Olympics 2020 (part 1)

Despite the spread of coronavirus, Japanese government still confirms to host the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as scheduled. If you are planning a trip to Japan to attend this sporting event and need a little help about what to buy as a gift for your family and friends, here is a list of 10 must-buy souvenirs including traditional Japanese handicrafts, beauty products, delicious Matcha snacks, and inexpensive clothes. Let’s find typical Japanese souvenirs to bring home. 1. Japanese Cosmetics Products Japanese cosmetics products are the top choice for women since they are well-known for great quality and reasonable price. From high-end brands such as SK-Ⅱ, Shiseido, and KOSE to inexpensive brands such as KATE and CANMAKE, Japan offers a wide range of beauty products that can be easily found at drugstores in every town. Besides skincare and makeup products, Japanese sunscreen products are also highly recommended. 2. Electronics Japan is considered