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Gift Brazil: the showcase of Brazilian handicrafts for the world

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Gift Brazil. We are an online collective that aims to present and promote Brazilian crafts for the foreign audience.

If you do not have an online presence in English and want to promote your work, our collective is a complementary way of promoting your work with the international public.

We do this in a variety of ways, from the proper description of your pieces in English and the dissemination in our social media channels to promotion with the national and international press. This all puts your work in front of potential buyers worldwide.

Chico Santeiro, from Votorantim, São Paulo

Good for those who sell, good for those who buy

The benefits of participating in Gift Brazil are many, both for the artisan and for the buyer:

Benefits for the Craftsman:

  • His work gets a  virtual showcase,  in English;
  • We take care of the  promotion  of your work, online and in the media;
  • We use Etsy, the world’s largest   craft e-commerce platform ;
  • The service is  free !

 Benefits for the buyer: 

  • Access to Brazilian real crafts , hand-picked by us rather than industrialized and imported souvenirs;
  • Support for  Brazil’s artistic production , job creation and income for artisan communities throughout the country;
  • Purchase through a secure  e -commerce system  in  English .

What do I need to attend?

  • Having internet access and being familiar with email tools
  • Being able to take clear and good quality digital photos of your products
  • Ability to write descriptions of your products (weight, measure, material, etc.)
  • Know how to pack your products properly for mailing
Newton Moreira, from Embu das Artes, São Paulo

I loved the idea! How do I contact?

Write to us by telling us about yourself and your work. If you can, include links to photos, Facebook pages – the more information we have about what you do, the better!

Use the form below to send your message or write to [email protected]. We are waiting for your contact!