Unique gifts should buy when traveling to Brazil

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In Brazil, you should immerse yourself in the passionate Flama dance, explore the wild Amazon forest and do not forget to buy unique souvenirs as gifts for friends and relatives.

Colorful large woven hammocks, Havaianas flip-flops, Granado Pharmacies soap are all ideal choices for meaningful gifts brought from Brazil.

Granado Pharmacies soap

This is a soap that is loved by women because of its eye-catching appearance. Soap from Granado Pharmacias is a famous product in Brazil. They are stored in beautiful little bags with a mild fragrance. Especially, the beautiful, sparkling soap bars will be a great gift for friends when traveling to Brazil.

Cachaca drinks

This is a popular cocktail in Brazil. This drink is made from chum cachaca, lemon and sugar. Visitors can buy pre-packaged gifts to bring flavors from Brazil to your loved ones. Previously, cachaca was only used in restaurants or bars but today it has become the drink of most families in this country.

Hand-woven Brazilian hammocks

The traditional Brazilian hammocks are hand-woven quite sophisticatedly, sturdy, spacious and durable. Visitors can choose to buy single or double hammock, freely choose depending on the preferences and purpose of giving gifts of each person.

The coffee

Brazil is the ideal destination for coffee lovers, because it is the largest coffee producing country in the world. You can find a wide range of coffees, from the low-priced to the very finest. The rich and varied world of coffee in Brazil can be a mess, so try a cup of coffee to choose your favorite flavor.


Visitors can find gems of good quality in the country of Brazil. Gemstones are considered luxurious and expensive gifts. Popular gemstones include Esperssartita, Tourmaline, Ametist, Greengold, Quartz, Topaz and Diamond.

Flip-flops Havaianas

This is the brand name of world famous flip-flops originating from Brazil. It is the simplicity and convenience of this type of sandals that many people love. You can find Havaianas sandals with many beautiful designs at stores in Brazil.

Moqueca Pot

The Moqueca Pot is a popular clay pot in Brazil. This pot is made from the clay and resin of a special plant. Moqueca Pot is famous for its unique flavor and deliciousness compared to conventional cooking.