Paper Crafting: Amazing Projects on Websites

The internet has helped almost everyone be able to publish and share their arts and crafts with the world. So today I want to feature some interesting online articles which you may have missed during your searches on the internet about arts and crafts. DIY Picture Tiles – You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again When it comes to wall art for next to nothing, lifestyle blog Crunchy Betty covers many interesting topics to make picture tile tutorial. Crunchy Betty is a photography enthusiast who has mastered the easiest and fastest way to make wall decor from her photos. Instead of spending time worrying about how to frame the photos, she would rather take the photos themselves. She attaches her photos to simple tiles that she bought from the hardware store and then hangs them artistically on the wall. Instant artwork! I’m sure that you will want to make


When it comes to the mess, we all have different tolerance levels of managing them, and in fact, there may be nothing messier than doing art and craft with our kids. Many parents have to struggle with the idea of doing art and craft with their kids because they don’t like the mess! So today, I would like to share here five tips to help you manage and minimize the mess of art and craft with your kids. Remember that making art and craft is such an important part of a child’s development, therefore, it is really worth the effort. WISELY CHOOSE YOUR CREATIVE TIME Whether it is the first thing to do in the morning or right after naptime, you should plan the time for creative activities when everyone is fresh and relaxed. Set up the activities before involving your kids so that they don’t have to wait around, touching