5 best online marketplaces to sell handmade crafts (Part 2)

DaWanda Despite being headquartered in Germany, DaWanda is currently rising to become the second most popular website in the world to buy and sell handmade goods. DaWanda is registered by 130,000 merchants, while Etsy is 875,000. And while the number of DaWanda shoppers certainly comes from all over the world, you must keep in mind that the par value is denominated in Euros – not Dollars, even in the case of buyers. and the sellers are all American.  DaWanda does not charge any booth registration fees – although the management company says it is likely that these will be replenished this year. However, the commission percentage when you sell out is 5%, which is much higher than the 3.5% of Etsy. As Europe’s largest online marketplace for handicrafts, DaWanda is a growing and knowledgeable company with extensive expertise in the complex areas of legal, tax, and business relationships in the Eurozone. That might