17 interesting items you can buy in Brazil (Part 1)

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With its striking coastline, biodiversity forests and the world’s most cosmopolitan city clusters, Brazil is an interesting country. 

And if you come to this country, remember to buy some souvenirs, exotic items that you can only buy in Brazil.


To buy the cachaça properly, you should definitely buy it in Brazil. Considered a symbol of this country, this sugarcane-based beverage is available everywhere and local distilleries guarantee you will receive real goods. The best place to get an appetizer is in Paraty, a small coastal town in Rio de Janeiro that has a lot of great distilleries. You can try it before you buy – Gabriela cachaça is especially good.

Cachaça | © guilherme jofili; Flickr - Trip14.com


Cangas is basically a Brazilian beach towel with many uses; It can be used as a scarf, a beach skirt, a floating dress or a sofa night. They are quite beautiful and useful at the beach and are a great souvenir to remember Brazil. Cangas with a Brazilian flag pattern are especially popular with tourists.

Brazilian wine

Not famous for wine, but Brazil actually produces some great wines from their wineries in the south, in Minas Gerais and in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Although particularly popular with white wines, pink or red wines are also good and are suitable for local cheeses like Canastra from Rio. A trip to the south should definitely include a visit to a vineyard to pick local wines. If you’re in the city, then both São Paulo and Rio have several shops and bars that specialize in buying Brazilian wine.

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Brazilian swimwear

There is no better place to get a Brazilian bikini than Brazil. Famous for its diamond-shaped bottom, surprising shapes for all types of bodies and true Brazilian style, they come in bright, tropical colors and patterns. Swimwear is not just for women – you can also wear men’s suits, these are small, tight-fitting swimsuits similar to speedos.