5 best online marketplaces to sell handmade crafts (Part 2)

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Despite being headquartered in Germany, DaWanda is currently rising to become the second most popular website in the world to buy and sell handmade goods. DaWanda is registered by 130,000 merchants, while Etsy is 875,000. And while the number of DaWanda shoppers certainly comes from all over the world, you must keep in mind that the par value is denominated in Euros – not Dollars, even in the case of buyers. and the sellers are all American. 

DaWanda does not charge any booth registration fees – although the management company says it is likely that these will be replenished this year. However, the commission percentage when you sell out is 5%, which is much higher than the 3.5% of Etsy.

As Europe’s largest online marketplace for handicrafts, DaWanda is a growing and knowledgeable company with extensive expertise in the complex areas of legal, tax, and business relationships in the Eurozone. That might not matter if you just want to sell a baby bib to moms in the Midwest, but if you’re a craftsman with a further perspective, want to go even higher then this is one of the factors to focus on. 


If your merchandise is in the high end of the market, Bonanza could be a good choice. Bonanza mainly focuses on high-end fashion and clothing brands. Based in the US, Bonanza currently has only 25,000 registered businesses. But with just 4 million items, it makes up a third of Etsy’s size. While that means your store can have a lot of problems, that’s good news for shoppers, the more templates you have, the longer it will keep customers from visiting the web. Just like in reality, when shopping, no one wants to enter a store that has only a few styles of clothing and doesn’t have many options.

Luckily the support for forms of payment is rich and flexible, and there are no stall registration fees, but it charges a 3.5% commission for selling out like Etsy. One unique difference of Bonanza is the Store Sorting service – a service that, when you sign up for use, Bonanza takes on the most complicated parts, like creating a list of groups of goods, adding data about color, brand as well as information about the group’s materials.

Bonanza also automatically marks and enhances the product photos you want to post. This service costs 5.9% of the $ 500 of your first sale, and 1.5% of the next time (this cost represents the commission for the sale). This is a good service for salespeople who want time to focus on products and less time to take care of their booth. 

Each booth on Bonanza has a built-in chat window frame, which is provided free of charge at the site as announced by the supplier. According to the management company, a version for mobile phones is also being implemented on this site, in order to provide customers with optimal transaction convenience. 

In terms of being a website, Bonanza looks pretty nice and professional. The part of the clothing selection system is quite outstanding. In the future if the site continues to grow, it could become an attractive option for craftsmen.