17 interesting items you can buy in Brazil (Part 3)

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Local souvenirs

Brazil has some of the most iconic monuments in the world – Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and Maracaña to name some. These famous tourist destinations have naturally been replicated as souvenirs and, although a little confusing, have created a wonderful and unique souvenir. Look out for small Christ statues, glass rocks with a carving of Maracaña inside and a classic ‘I Love Rio’ T-shirt.

Musical instrument

Brazil has a lot of typical Brazilian folk music like samba, forró and funk. Although the large samba-related steel drums can be difficult to bring back to you, there are other traditional instruments like banjo, mandolin and pandeiro that make great gifts for music lovers.


A hand-woven hammock made by a local Brazilian is a great way to celebrate Brazil. Although large cities tend not to use hammocks, they are common in small towns, coastal or rural areas. Locals weave them on the patio or in the garden to rest on hot summer days.

Traditional samba clothes

If there is only one Brazilian definition music, then that is samba. Samba has its own unique dance and fashion culture and is often associated with Brazil’s annual festival. The parade clothing features slender bodies and gorgeous hats. The best places to get samba clothes are at samba schools in Rio, where many costumes are left after the festival.

Brazilian soap

Brazil soap stone is a stone derived from Brazil. It is often used as a kitchen desk due to its dark color against light, marble effects. However, as a tourist in Brazil, bringing home a kitchen desk is not very practical. Instead, keep an eye out for the beautiful hand-carved ornaments made of soap of all shapes, shapes and images.

Brazilian soccer jerseys

Brazil’s passion for football is no secret and buys souvenirs better than a genuine Brazilian T-shirt. There are also lots of soccer jerseys representing local teams if you have a favorite. Brazilian soccer shirts are sized from babies to adults and are designed in bright colors in yellow and green.


Minas Gerais is famous for gemstones, especially emeralds. This is the best place in Brazil to choose the intricate beautiful necklaces, bracelets or rings that are encrusted with local emeralds. Brazil produces about 65% of the world’s colored gemstones, and all major cities have authentic gem and semi-precious stone locations.


The Brazilian beauty industry is huge and the country has some great national beauty brands. Natura, Brazil Bum Bum, Suray Brasil and O Boticário are four famous brands and many of their products use ingredients inspired by Amazon, giving them a unique smell and a natural feel.