Unique souvenirs you should buy when traveling to Brazil

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Traveling to Brazil, you should find and buy unique souvenirs of this beautiful country as gifts for relatives and friends.

The following travel experiences will suggest you to choose a good souvenir.

Moqueca pot

The Moqueca Pot is a slightly bulky souvenir gift, but many foreign tourists love to buy as souvenirs for relatives and friends. The Moqueca pot has a very tight lid, so it is suitable for storing meat, fish or steaming seafood. The flavor of the dish cooked in a clay pot is delicious and fresh.

Cocktail Cachaça

This is a very popular cocktail in Brazil. This drink is extracted from cachaca rum, lemon and sugar. Centuries ago, Cachaça cocktails were a luxury drink found only in luxury restaurants, but today, most households in Brazil use this drink. Buy some Cachaça cocktails as souvenirs so that your friends at home can also enjoy the delicious taste of this famous Brazilian cocktail.

Granado Pharmácias soap cake

The Granado Pharmacias soap bars have a mild fragrance, are packaged in small bags and at very affordable prices. Tourists can buy a lot of Granado Pharmacias soap bars without fear of lightening their wallet. Of course, the quality of these soap cakes is excellent and soft for the skin.

Traditional Brazilian hammocks

Buying travel gifts, which are single hammocks with double hammocks made from the hands of a Brazilian craftsman, is a great suggestion. The hammocks are very tight and firm. There are many colors to choose from. Hurry up and bring in any unique souvenirs to hang in the house. You will enjoy the feeling of swinging in the hammock and fall into a good night’s sleep.

Flip flops Havaianas

Havaianas brand sandals originating from Brazil has long been famous in the world. There are many colors like red, black, white for you to choose from. Wearing the Havaianas sandals this summer is really cool. Inspired by the ancient Egyptian, Japanese and Greek sandals, the Alpagatas group brought this simple design to the Brazilian market since 1962 and was immediately loved by many thanks to its simplicity and convenience.

The color gems

Traveling to Brazil, you can freely choose the gemstones such as Esperssartita, Tourmaline, Ametist, Greengold, Quartz, Topaz and Diamond. Please rest assured of the quality and price because you will not find anywhere with durable and beautiful stone quality like Brazil.

Brazilian coffee

The famous Brazilian coffee brand in the world. You can choose to buy a full range of coffee from premium to affordable. However, try a cup of coffee to choose your favorite taste before deciding to buy it as a gift for your loved one at home.