Buy handicrafts at Tiara Handycraft (Part 1)

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Overview of Winarti Point

Titik Winarti – Not many people care about people with disabilities. Especially if there are people who not only provide support and short-term facilities but also implement long-term programs. This is what Titik Winarti, a Tiara Handycraft business owner, provides to people with disabilities to work in their own places.

With many cases of people with disabilities being discriminated against and rarely getting a position in the company, what is being done at this time is something extraordinary and very noble. After that, what was Titik Winarti’s business trip with the disabled to achieve this success? Here are the reviews.

From a young age, Titik Winarti really liked everything related to art. The business blood of a woman born in Surabaya, March 11, 1970, is supported by her family environment. His father, Badowi and his mother, Toenah, own a wooden handicraft business next to her home.

Ever since high school, Titik’s entrepreneurial spirit has been seen by making some artwork such as cards to sell to his friends. His art work, favored by his friends, filled him with orders.

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The introduction of Tiara Handycraft

After marriage, the view is still diligent towards the hobby of making crafts. In front of Idul Fitri, he created the atmosphere of his house different from usual with many decorative creations. Unexpectedly, many visitors came to like the work of Titik. From this positive appreciation, Titik then decided to seriously develop his hobby into a business.

From the brain refining fabric, Titik has succeeded in creating a number of innovations such as baby souvenirs, home accessories, marriage souvenirs, bags and even Islamic children’s clothing. From the result of his creation, Titik then decided to open a business with the name Tiara Handycraft.

Start the Tiara Handycraft mission

At the start of the Tiara Handycraft race, Titik got mothers around the house to be employees for the purpose of empowering them. From this initial effort, Tiara Handycraft was quite successful with the buyers continuing to be crowded.

But unfortunately in 1998, his business began to suffer due to people copying. He sabotaged nearly all of Point’s employees, who had been trained for higher salaries. Finally, at the time, Titik experienced a collapse that caused him to lose nearly all of his staff.

Reaching out from adversity using people with disabilities

When experiencing this period of recession, Titik did not want to linger sad. Following his friend’s advice, he then uses those with privileges in the body. Then he worked for physical challenges.

Although Titik had difficulty training people with disabilities at first, with enthusiasm and patience, Titik eventually succeeded in teaching and guiding these people with disabilities to make handmade products.

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The purpose and mission of inviting the disabled

The purpose and mission of Titik when inviting people with disabilities to work at Tiara Handycaraft is not to seek benefits. In addition to making them more productive, Titik stated that he wanted to make disabled people no longer limited by insecurity and inferiority.

Although he is an employee, Titik himself has no intention of exploiting the differences, but he really wants to make those physically challenged more independent and look forward to the future of he.

When Winarti Point achieved success

Of all the efforts and hard work of Titik along with his disabled partners, Titik and his Tiara craftsmanship have regained success. In 2002, Titik had the opportunity to attend exhibitions in Jeddah and Singapore. From the exhibition, Titik’s business partners have expanded to fulfill orders and expand marketing to several countries such as Brazil and Latin America.

In addition to success in marketing, Titik also seeks to become the winner of the Microcredit Awards event with fierce competition.