Unique souvenirs you should buy when traveling to Brazil

Traveling to Brazil, you should find and buy unique souvenirs of this beautiful country as gifts for relatives and friends. The following travel experiences will suggest you to choose a good souvenir. Moqueca pot The Moqueca Pot is a slightly bulky souvenir gift, but many foreign tourists love to buy as souvenirs for relatives and friends. The Moqueca pot has a very tight lid, so it is suitable for storing meat, fish or steaming seafood. The flavor of the dish cooked in a clay pot is delicious and fresh. Cocktail Cachaça This is a very popular cocktail in Brazil. This drink is extracted from cachaca rum, lemon and sugar. Centuries ago, Cachaça cocktails were a luxury drink found only in luxury restaurants, but today, most households in Brazil use this drink. Buy some Cachaça cocktails as souvenirs so that your friends at home can also enjoy the delicious taste of