Shopping and food in Brazil: Things to know

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Not only possessing great landscapes, Brazil is also a gathering place for shopping and enjoying unique cuisine.

Major shopping centers are concentrated in big cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, etc.


– To Brazil, visitors can shop in big cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, etc.

– Shopping points are commercial centers or markets, pavements, etc.

– Main items are souvenirs, handmade crafts, clothes, shoes, etc.

– Visitors who love Brazilian music can go to Bazar Som Tres neighborhood – where a lot of CDs and DVDs are sold. However, the price here is so high.

– Some popular shopping areas such as Mercado Modelo, Barra Shopping Center in Salvador, Manaus market in Manaus, Santa Felicidade shopping district in Curtitiba, etc.


Brazilian cuisine is a wonderful blend of European migrant, African slave and Native Indian cuisine.

– The typical dishes are: Feijoada, Bahian dishes, tapioca, fruits, etc. In addition, the typical drinks of this country are coffee, juice, wine, etc.

Some useful information:

+ Transportation: There are many public transports to travel when visiting Brazil, however travel by bus should be limited as this service in Brazil is very slow and tiring. Choose from a pickup truck (kombi), a long-distance taxi or a motorbike taxi.

+ Climate: Brazil has many climates and rarely has extreme weather.

– The ideal time to travel to Brazil is from December to the Carnaval season (around February). Another selectable time is Easter week.

– May to October is winter, weather is quite cold, but you can still choose if you want to be quiet and save money.

+ In Brazil, the main language is Portuguese, not English.

+ Be careful when roaming in the Amazon River. It is home to the Piranha fish that is considered the most dangerous in the Amazon, and can eat fish and even humans.