12 practical ways to organize kids’ craft supplies (part 2)

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  1. Mason Jars

It’s easy to use mason jars to store your kids’ craft supplies and it looks quite good when arranging them together on a shelf! They are colorful and lovely enough so that you don’t need to paint them if you don’t want to.

  1. Recycled Food Jars

It’s not only mason jars that can be used to store craft supplies. Any kind of jars like sauce jars, jam jars, pickle jars that can be washed and dried can be repurposed into storage for beads, buttons, etc.

  1. Ribbon organizer

It is always a problem for us to organize the ribbons because they get tangled and look limp whenever we try to untangle them from each other. There is a great idea to solve the problem; a shoebox with holes punched in it for the ribbon to come out! This helps your kid to pull the length of ribbon as they want, cut it and go.

  1. Shower Caddy

Using a shower caddy to organize craft supplies may be a brand new idea for you but it is a great repurposing solution. This will work great to hold a few small jars, some paper, scissors, glue, and basic essentials. It also makes a great gift wrap station.

  1. Plastic Drawers

Plastic drawers are really useful if you live in a small space. It’s mobile, inexpensive, and at a level for kids to easily access. You can use them to store your craft supplies with a suitable labeling system.

  1. Tic Tac boxes

Using tic tac boxes is a unique and nice way to store laces and narrow ribbons. They occupy only a little space and you can fit many containers in one little box.

  1. Letter Trays

An old-fashioned letter tray is another solution for storing craft supplies like paper and foam sheets. Although they aren’t as popular in the present as before, they are suitable for flat craft supplies! Especially, you can use it to store your kids’ drawings.