8 Tips for Doing Arts & Crafts With Kids

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  1. Doing arts and crafts with your kids is always messy. Just take it easy! But if it makes you stressed and uncomfortable, use butcher paper or newsprint to cover surfaces and to catch drops of glue and bits of glitter and paper. Use materials, like markers, adhesive, that are washable. Then take a relax. When you and your kids are finished, roll the butcher paper or newsprint up and easily discard the mess.
  2. Don’t present your kids any firm examples of the result of crafting. You should present various options, so your kids can use their imagination to create. Their idea is more important than how they execute it.
  3. Choose crafts which are suitable for your kids’ age, capability, and strengths. If the crafts are complicated, break them into steps and just introduce which ones your kids can do.
  4. You don’t need to keep your kids’ crafts forever. Crafts take up much space and can quickly accumulate because they are often 3-D. Not all crafts your kids make are masterpieces. Say goodbye to the old crafts when the new ones are created in your house. The value of crafts is mostly in the making.
  5. You don’t need to run to the store to find and buy the perfect paper, detail, or trim. Your enthusiasm for the craft project will evaporate if you break for errands. So, just use the materials which you have at home.
  6. Besides doing crafts with your kids, if you want to craft yourself, set aside a place for the craft which is just for you to do. If not, you will hover and be tempted to control what your kids are making.
  7. If you can’t set aside a dedicated space only for crafting, plan to do your craft in an allotted time.
  8. Not every kid likes glitter, glue, and cutting paper. So don’t force it.