12 practical ways to organize kids’ craft supplies (part 1)

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It is happy for parents to see their children involved in crafts – cutting, pasting and creating works of art. But the mess they make isn’t as pleasant! If you don’t have a proper home for all your craft supplies, everything will be dumped into a big basket or box. As a result, when your children want to craft the next time, they just need to dig through that basket or box to find the suitable supplies for their work!

So, the solution is organizing the craft supplies of your kids. Here we have 10 practical ways to organize your kids’ craft supplies.

  1. Salt and Pepper Shakers for Glitter

Glitter seems to be the messiest among all craft supplies. There is an excellent idea of using glass salt and pepper shakers to store glitter in so you and your kids can see the colors from outside. Teach your kids just to spread glue, and shake the shaker over it while their fingers are still kept clean!

  1. Hanging organizers

Hanging organizers with transparent pockets are usually used for organization, and they’re perfect for craft supplies! Crayons, glue tubes, scissors, paint bottles – everything has its own individual place so that your children can access easily any time.

  1. Spice Rack

Have you been told how to use a spice rack for organizing craft supplies? A spice rack can be repurposed to organize craft supplies by putting in it the bottles to hold little items such as pom pom balls, googly eyes, and buttons. Make sure that the rack is not difficult for your kids to use.

  1. Clear Containers

Another idea is using clear plastic shoe boxes to organize craft supplies. They are available everywhere, inexpensive and usually stackable. It is great to use clear containers to corral items like markers, pipe cleaners, foam cutouts, and sticker packets. In addition, the lids help to keep the dust outside.

  1. Magazine Holders

Storing flat items like felt sheets, colored paper, or foam sheets can be a challenge because they can’t be stuffed or folded. There is a solution – using magazine holders! You can get one for each category. Remember to make it easy for kids to take what they need.