Best Souvenirs To Buy when visiting Thailand for Weightlifting World Championships

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Thailand is hosting the 2019 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Championships. This country is also famous for an impressive selection of products, textiles, ornaments, foods, and other remarkable items that you won’t find elsewhere. The markets, malls, and shops are full of goodies. Go ahead for the big weightlifting competition and don’t forget to purchase gifts for your family and friends. Consider this list of the best souvenirs in Thailand.

Thai Sauces and Spices

Thailand is famous for its food, especially for its spices, sauces, and herbs. Thai sauces and spices are must-buy gifts if you want to continue eating authentic Thai food and enjoy unique flavors at home. Sauces and spices are great souvenirs and available nearly everywhere in this country. There are many options for commercially packaged sauces and spices of Thailand in the duty-free shops at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Make sure to follow all regulations with foodstuffs, including the proper declaration. You should purchase commercially packaged sauces and spices to avoid problems at customs when you return home.

Elephants as Souvenirs

The elephant is a symbol of Thailand, making a great souvenir or gift. However, surely, we are not encouraging you to take a living pachyderm home. Celebrate your visit to Thailand by purchasing anything with an elephant on it. For example, chocolate elephants, or ornaments, wood carvings, paintings, or a colorful bag with the image of an elephant.

Thai Silk

Thailand is also famous for its silk, which is a must-buy when visiting for many travelers. Thailand offers a wide variety of silks, from colorful scarves to bags and bolts of fabric. There are a lot of reputable places to purchase genuine Thai silk, such as the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok.

Thai Spa Products

A trip to Thailand is not complete without a spa treatment or massage. You can also buy spa products to take home. You can find a selection of indigenous plant oils, scented candles, and coconut oils for purchase. In addition, you can buy carved soaps, foot soaks, body scrubs, herbal compresses, and reed diffusers as souvenirs to take home.