Paper Crafting: Amazing Projects on Websites

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The internet has helped almost everyone be able to publish and share their arts and crafts with the world. So today I want to feature some interesting online articles which you may have missed during your searches on the internet about arts and crafts.

  1. DIY Picture Tiles – You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again

When it comes to wall art for next to nothing, lifestyle blog Crunchy Betty covers many interesting topics to make picture tile tutorial.

Crunchy Betty is a photography enthusiast who has mastered the easiest and fastest way to make wall decor from her photos. Instead of spending time worrying about how to frame the photos, she would rather take the photos themselves. She attaches her photos to simple tiles that she bought from the hardware store and then hangs them artistically on the wall. Instant artwork!

I’m sure that you will want to make some of them for your own home. And your walls will soonly be filled with beautiful picture tiles which cost next to nothing to make but look really stunning.

  1. 39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls

If you have got bored of or just want to fill the empty walls in your house or apartment, you should check out this useful and informative article!

This article offers 39 tutorials which show us not only the way to make beautiful wall decor but also the way to make wall art for next to nothing. It ranges the paper crafting projects from simple potato stamped wall art to sophisticated DIY Moroccan stenciled “wallpaper.”

Each one of these tutorials is something that you would love to display in your own home. Some of the projects are crafty and some are high end, however, all are unique!

  1. Make Your Own Mailable Slice of Cake

This is one of the most amazing birthday craft projects ever. Try doing it to send your friends a birthday greeting postcard which actually looks like a slice of cake.

In fact, the postcard, made from a sponge and caulk, looks like the real thing. Your friends will never forget a birthday postcard like this.