Must-buy souvenirs to bring home from F1 Mexican Grand Prix

When cruising to Mexico to attend the F1 Mexican Grand Prix this October, you will also be met with gorgeous views, the smiling faces of friendly locals and fellow cruise mates, as well as satisfied with world-famous food. Additional, you will have the opportunity to encounter some of the best shopping on the Earth. Coming home with some of the following Mexican souvenirs is a great way to remember your sports vacation. 1. Mayan Wooden Mask Mexico’s rich culture,  vibrant beauty, and varied history might be best displayed through the wide variety of traditional folk art. Carved wooden masks are the beautiful and unique reflection of its strong indigenous roots. Masks of all sizes depict jungle animals, ancient deities, and other natural symbols, and can make a great piece of art or home decor. 2. Lucha Libre Mask Lucha libre masks are a symbol of Mexico’s native form of freestyle