What to buy as souvenirs when in New York City for UFC 244 (part 2)

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Eloise Souvenir from the Plaza Hotel

Are you familiar with Eloise books? If yes, you definitely must visit the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City to see the magnificent place Eloise calls home.

You might also recognize this hotel from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York because it is the place where Kevin McCallister stayed before heading to his Uncle Rob’s house.

Inside the Plaza hotel, you will be able to find an entire gift shop that is devoted to all things related to Eloise. You can even enjoy tea parties there! Pick up one of your favorite Eloise books, buy a gift for your kid, or look for a unique souvenir such as a “Don’t Disturb” Eloise door hanger.

Yankees Baseball Cap

If you have any friends who are a fan of the Yankees, a Yankees Baseball Cap can be a perfect souvenir.

Doves of Friendship Ornaments

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is popping up in this list for the second time. Do you remember Kevin making a donation at Duncan’s Toy Chest and then being rewarded with turtle dove ornaments.

Because the turtle doves symbolize friendship, Kevin takes one to his friend in Central Park. Therefore, buying your own turtle doves for your best friends is a great idea.

The Christmas Cottage, located at 871 7th Avenue, about three blocks from Central Park, is the only NYC store carrying the Doves of Friendship ornaments.

Candy and Jar from Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar, a candy wonderland, is a must-see in NYC. Instead of buying candy, another option is a souvenir candy jar with the logo of Dylan’s and “New York City” on the lid.

Black and White Cookies

Black and white cookies have been found in NYC bakeries for more than a hundred years. The cookie is half vanilla fondant or frosting topping the other half and half chocolate fondant or frosting topping the other half. Surely, the taste might be different from bakery to the bakery because most bakers have their own recipe or methods.