Unique souvenirs to buy when visiting Brazil for Copa America 2019

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Copa America 2019 is coming. If you have planned to visit Brazil, the hosting country of this tournament, consider buying these following unique souvenirs of this beautiful country to make gifts for your family and friends.

1. Moqueca pot

Although the Moqueca pot is slightly bulky, it is still a favorite Brazilian souvenir of many foreign tourists. The Moqueca pot has a very tight lid so that it is suitable for storing fish or seafood. The dish is cooked in a clay pot to keep its delicious and freshtaste.

2. Cachaça Cocktail

This is a very popular cocktail in Brazil. It is extracted from cachaça rum, lemon, and sugar. In the past, Cachaça cocktails were luxury drinks that were only available in luxury restaurants; however, in the present, most Brazilian households usually use them. You can buy Cachaça cocktail as souvenirs for your friends to enjoy the delicious taste of this famous Brazilian drink.

3. Granado Pharmácias soap

The Granado Pharmacias soap, packaged in small bags,is slightly fragrant. It is available at a very affordable price. There are many types of Granado Pharmacias soap that has excellentquality and is soft for the skin.

4. Traditional Brazilian hammock

You also can buy a traditional hammock handmade by Brazilian craftsman as a souvenir of this country. There are many types and colors for you to choose. Your family and friends will enjoy the feeling of swinging on a hammock and falling asleep.

5. Havaianas flip flops and sandals

The sandals brand Havaianas originated from Brazil has long been famous all around the world. It is so cool to wear on Havaianasflip flops and sandals this summer. Inspired by ancient Egyptian, Japanese, and Greek sandals, the Alpagatas group brought this simple design to the Brazilian market in 1962 and immediately received the love of many people thanks to its simplicity and convenience.

6. Brazilian coffee

Brazilian coffee has become famous worldwide. Try a cup of coffee to choose your favorite taste before deciding to buy it as a gift for your beloved.