Top Souvenir to Buy when Visiting Germany for Formula 1 Grand Prix

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The German Formula 1 Grand Prix 2019 is going to take place on July 26-28 at the Hockenheimring circuit. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country  for watching the tournament, here are some of the best of German souvenirs and gifts which you could take home.

A bit of the Berlin Wall

The 155-kilometre Berlin Wall is definitely an iconic landmark and the souvenir of German which keeps on giving. The Berlin Wall Memorial sells bits which come with a certificate of authenticity.

So, if you are finding quirky souvenirs, this is definitely one of the top picks. You might also find replicas of the wall or some other similar structures. These serve a befitting memorabilia of the trip you had.


Invented by psychologist Karl Peglau, the Ampelmännchen (Little Light Men) is an iconic symbol of East Germany. It has become a hot souvenir item in Berlin.

Beer steins

Although they’re hideous and impractical, nothing says Germany quite like a beer stein. However, they are expensive and fragile as well. It’s great to buy a beer stein for your uncles or fathers-in-law. You can choose from stone, glass, porcelain, or pewter, with a lid or without.

Christmas ornaments

Basically, Germany invented British Christmas, a cosy family celebration that eventually morphed, thanks to Tin Pan Alley and Coca-Cola, into the holiday extravaganza that America knows and loves today. Germany has recognized its outsized influence on this most nostalgic holiday and now sells tangible Christmas cheer to tourists. Christmas markets are the best place to pick up high art crêche figurines, carved wooden ornaments, and that windmill which turns because of candles. If it is important to make sure that the piece is made in Germany, be prepared to dig deep because most of the cheaper ornaments come from China.