Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room (part 3)

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  1. A Chair with Wheels

A chair with wheels is very handy! Sometimes you want to move to an area without leaving your seat. Someone may think this is incredibly lazy, however, you will appreciate this chair in case of being immersed in a craft project.

  1. A Pegboard and Hooks

It is incredibly useful to mount a pegboard on a wall near your craft table. You can also use hooks to store your craft tools on the board so that don’t have to deal with disorganization and frustration when searching for needed tools.

  1. Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are useful for pinning to-do-lists, photos, bills, inspirations, and other papers. Decorate it with paper or fabric to match with the rest of your craft room decor if you want!

  1. A Desk

These days, a computer is an integral part of crafting. You need it for tweaking pictures in Photoshop or attaching to a digital die cutter for cutting out scrapbook elements. Therefore, you should prepare a desk for your computer along with ample drawers for storage space.

  1. Lighting Needs

Lighting is an important element to consider, especially if you have a basement craft room. Using halogen task lighting that mimics natural light is easy on your eyesight and makes painting, drawing, and sewing much more enjoyable.

  1. Built-in Wall Units

Built in wall units used for storage are another useful but luxury item for your craft room. One tip to achieve this look is to put affordable Ikea storage units near each and trim with molding to create a high-end custom look at a reasonable price.

  1. Soft Rubber Mats

You may want to buy a soft rubber mat if you have to stand for long periods of time when crafting. Standing on your feet may cause backaches and leg pain. Using rubber mats helps alleviate leg and foot stress.