Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room (part 1)

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Crafting is an effective way to relieve stress for many people. Your craft space should be an area which promotes relaxation, creativity, and fun. There are several ideas to consider when designating a space which is devoted solely to the pursuit of crafts. Think about the following points when setting up your craft area.

Firstly, does the room have enough space for your work and enough space to organize your tools and supplies?

You may choose a basement room, an extra bedroom, or a part of any other room which is designated for another purpose. Remember to consider the type of the room’s floor. A carpeted room seems not to be a good idea if you work with chemicals, paints, or solvents when making crafts.

Secondly, does the room have privacy? Your craft area should be away from the active spaces of your family. You will need a place which is quiet enough to come up with creative ideas.

  1. The Number One Item Needed for Your Craft Room

The most important furniture for a craft room is a big and sturdy work table. You need plenty of space to comfortably spread out your craft materials and supplies. Creativity cannot flow in areas which are small and cramped.

  1. Shelving

Shelving units, whether open or closed, are necessary for the craft room. Store the most often used crafting supplies and tools on the open shelves, and keep the less often used ones behind closed doors.

  1. Countertops

If you have an ample work space, countertops can be a beautiful and useful addition to your craft area. More than one crafter can work in your space and this also helps crafters not to have to move around a lot.

Set up your countertops at a standing height so that you don’t have to bend your back. The right height helps you prevent back pains and sprains. Use bar stools if you want to work at your craft bars.