Souvenir shopping in Amsterdam when visiting this city for EURO 2020 (part 2)

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3. Puccini Chocolate Bonbons

Usually considered as the world’s best chocolates, local Amsterdam chocolatier Puccini Bomboni creates handmade Puccini Chocolate Bonbons in delectable flavors such as lavender, vanilla poppyseed, drambuie, pepper, and plum. Entering the elegant shop, the visitor is struck by the deep cocoa scent permeating the air and therefore the beautiful, large truffles arranged artfully on the table.

The chocolate delights are handmade on site, and don’t contain added preservatives. Choose a variety of bonbons to be packaged during a cellophane bag or pretty purple box. An ideal gift for those chocoholics! Remember to get the chocolates shortly before you come back home since they only keep for 7 days.

4. Nijntje Knuffel

Nijntje may be a famous cartoon rabbit from a series of 1950s children’s books by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Bruna has written quite 100 books, which have now been translated into 40 different languages. The name Nijntje comes from a child’s mispronunciation of the Dutch ‘konijntje’ or bunny, but Nijntje is typically referred to as ‘Miffy’ within the translated versions. Some people believe Hello Kitty may be a copy of Nijntje.

A wonderful Dutch souvenir for a toddler may be a Nijntje knuffel or ‘stuffed animal’, which also means ‘hug’ in Dutch. How sweet! Combine a knuffel with a book about one among Nijntje’s adventures. The tiny format books each contain 16 pages, and are recommended for youngsters aged 4 to 8. Most of the books have a brief story about Nijntje’s adventures but a couple of have only drawings without text. Knuffels featuring Nijntje in various outfits are often found in many shops in Amsterdam, including De Winkel van Nijntje, a store solely dedicated to the lovable baby bunny.

5. Blond Amsterdam Breakfast Set

Ten years ago, blonde girlfriends Femque and Janneke started a well-liked home decor line called Blond Amsterdam. Cute colorful hand painted pottery, fabrics, and stationary are often found in their flagship shop and also in other department shops and boutiques around Amsterdam. Their designs make an excellent girly gift for your sisters, mom or grandma.