Paper Crafting Hacks To Help You Save Your Time And Money

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Whether you are a beginner to paper crafts or a seasoned pro, you may not have known these simple paper crafting tricks that can save you both time and money.

  1. The perfect stamped image

When using acrylic or rubber stamps, you usually want to be stamping on a level, solid surface. However, do you know that some people like stamping on a firm foam pad instead? Right now, there is a popular option on the market that is called The Stamper’s Secret Weapon by Sizzix. It has enough firmness to produce a solid image, and also enough give to allow equal pressure to be applied to all areas around the stamp.

Another option is using a piece of inexpensive craft foam from your local craft store.

  1. Heat embossed perfection

As heat embossing, the best thing to do is to remove all static cling or anything which may cause the embossing powder to stick where you don’t want it.

Before using your embossing ink to stamp , rub a powder tool or bag over the entire surface of the paper. Then you can use clear ink to stamp your image and pour embossing powder over the image. It should only stick to the stamped areas, and easily fall off the rest of your card stock.

Instead of a powder tool, you can try just using a simple dryer sheet!

  1. Sharpen those punches

If you have used a punch so much that it has become dull and no longer punching properly, you shpuld try sharpening it by punching several times through a piece of tinfoil.

  1. Hide coloring mistakes

Have you ever stamped an image, spending an obscene amount of time carefully coloring it, and then you slip outside the lines? If yes, you may just want to throw it away and start over. Instead of doing that, simply using a white gel pen to color over the ink and let it dry, and I’m sure that no one will ever know the difference.