Common Craft Fair Mistakes You Should Avoid (part 1)

Have you ever attended a craft fair, walking into a booth and been totally unimpressed, or even got troubled by what you saw? Whether you are a seasoned seller or new craft fair vendor, there are still some costly craft fair mistakes that will lose your sales. Here is a list of the top mistakes at any craft fair that you should make sure to avoid. 1. You’re not well-prepared You get to the fair, but you’ve forgotten something like selling slips, bags for customers to carry their goods out, or enough products to restock when things get low. The first mistake people usually make at a craft fair is coming unprepared. So, make a list of everything you need and check them off when putting them into your car. Not having enough products to restock or forgetting a piece of your booth as the day goes on are mistakes

Paper Crafting Hacks To Help You Save Your Time And Money

  Whether you are a beginner to paper crafts or a seasoned pro, you may not have known these simple paper crafting tricks that can save you both time and money. The perfect stamped image When using acrylic or rubber stamps, you usually want to be stamping on a level, solid surface. However, do you know that some people like stamping on a firm foam pad instead? Right now, there is a popular option on the market that is called The Stamper’s Secret Weapon by Sizzix. It has enough firmness to produce a solid image, and also enough give to allow equal pressure to be applied to all areas around the stamp. Another option is using a piece of inexpensive craft foam from your local craft store. Heat embossed perfection As heat embossing, the best thing to do is to remove all static cling or anything which may cause the

Sports Arts and Crafts for Kids (part 2)

Baseball Crafts In spite of its excitement, football wasn’t always the most popular sport in the world. Known as America’s pastime, baseball is a favorite among kids. From an informal backyard sport to organized leagues to the Majors, it is a sport which can offer something for everyone! If running and tackling isn’t the favourite style of your kids, you can still spark their interest in sports with these following baseball crafts. Baseball moves at a slower pace and doesn’t involve too much contact, so it is perfect for kids who love working as a team, thinking strategically, and not getting too dirty. For them, you will find these craft ideas a true home run. Charmed by Baseball I Heart Baseball Edible Crafts DIY Baseball Pennants #1 Baseball Fan Sports Craft Home Run Bookends Baseball Lacing Craft Other Sports Arts and Crafts If your kids like sports but prefer ones

Paper Crafting: Amazing Projects on Websites

The internet has helped almost everyone be able to publish and share their arts and crafts with the world. So today I want to feature some interesting online articles which you may have missed during your searches on the internet about arts and crafts. DIY Picture Tiles – You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again When it comes to wall art for next to nothing, lifestyle blog Crunchy Betty covers many interesting topics to make picture tile tutorial. Crunchy Betty is a photography enthusiast who has mastered the easiest and fastest way to make wall decor from her photos. Instead of spending time worrying about how to frame the photos, she would rather take the photos themselves. She attaches her photos to simple tiles that she bought from the hardware store and then hangs them artistically on the wall. Instant artwork! I’m sure that you will want to make


When it comes to the mess, we all have different tolerance levels of managing them, and in fact, there may be nothing messier than doing art and craft with our kids. Many parents have to struggle with the idea of doing art and craft with their kids because they don’t like the mess! So today, I would like to share here five tips to help you manage and minimize the mess of art and craft with your kids. Remember that making art and craft is such an important part of a child’s development, therefore, it is really worth the effort. WISELY CHOOSE YOUR CREATIVE TIME Whether it is the first thing to do in the morning or right after naptime, you should plan the time for creative activities when everyone is fresh and relaxed. Set up the activities before involving your kids so that they don’t have to wait around, touching

Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room (part 3)

  A Chair with Wheels A chair with wheels is very handy! Sometimes you want to move to an area without leaving your seat. Someone may think this is incredibly lazy, however, you will appreciate this chair in case of being immersed in a craft project. A Pegboard and Hooks It is incredibly useful to mount a pegboard on a wall near your craft table. You can also use hooks to store your craft tools on the board so that don’t have to deal with disorganization and frustration when searching for needed tools. Bulletin Boards Bulletin boards are useful for pinning to-do-lists, photos, bills, inspirations, and other papers. Decorate it with paper or fabric to match with the rest of your craft room decor if you want! A Desk These days, a computer is an integral part of crafting. You need it for tweaking pictures in Photoshop or attaching to

Sports Arts and Crafts for Kids (part 1)

  Is there any kid who you have ever met don’t like running around outside? I’m sure the answer is NO. Whether it’s with a ball or not, all kids love to show off their energy in outdoor activities as well as sports arts and crafts. Regardless of the type of game chosen, athletics are a big part of growing up. You may not be very good at running and tackling but love to be on a team and learn new skills. The great thing about sports arts and crafts is that they turn the passion for games of your children into creative activities. If you have a child that loves DIY games, help them make their own bowling set! If your child loves learning new art techniques, check out the ideas for stamping crafts! If you are looking to get rid of some of that duct tape, try doing

Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room (part 2)

  Divide Your Work Space Into Zones Make your workspace tidy and convenient by dividing it into zones, for example, an area for your computer and digital needs, another one for crafting projects (sewing, painting, paper crafting, etc.), and another one as a gift wrapping station. If you want to take pictures of your crafts, organize your photo equipment next to the window. There is not any standard size that fits all people’s plan to establish work zones. You have to set up zones and determine your crafting needs according to your preferences. That helps you stay efficient and organized. Windows That Can Allow Natural Light into the Room It is wonderful if your craft room has large windows with natural light pouring in. However, this is not possible for all crafters because many are stuck in basement areas which only have small or nonexistent windows. Many crafters have blogs

Football Player Paper Plate Craft

  This is instruction about making a football player with a paper plate. It is a special gift for your children who love both crafting and football. Instead of using the template eyes, if you cut out holes in the football player craft, you can convert it to a mask. Attach a tongue depressor or paint stir stick to allow your children to hold it up to their face. Materials: color paint and paintbrush (you can keep the football player’s face white if you don’t like painting) paper plate color printer or something to color with a pair of scissors glue paper printer Options for mask: thin strip of wood, paint stir stick, or tongue depressor. Instructions: Paint the bottom of the paper plate flesh color (you can leave it white if you want). Print out your craft template choice. Color if you want to use the black and white

Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room (part 1)

Crafting is an effective way to relieve stress for many people. Your craft space should be an area which promotes relaxation, creativity, and fun. There are several ideas to consider when designating a space which is devoted solely to the pursuit of crafts. Think about the following points when setting up your craft area. Firstly, does the room have enough space for your work and enough space to organize your tools and supplies? You may choose a basement room, an extra bedroom, or a part of any other room which is designated for another purpose. Remember to consider the type of the room’s floor. A carpeted room seems not to be a good idea if you work with chemicals, paints, or solvents when making crafts. Secondly, does the room have privacy? Your craft area should be away from the active spaces of your family. You will need a place which