How to Introduce Crafts to Kids

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All kids are curious and creative – two qualities that go wonderfully together! It’s obvious that they’re naturally inclined towards arts and crafts. Whatever your children’s age, it’s never too late to introduce them to crafts. Let’s learn how to introduce crafts to kids naturally and effectively.

Start with a favorite story
A favorite story or book of your children is a good idea for a starting point. There are many crafts based on famous children’s books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Horton Hears a Who, Pete the Cat. If your children have their own favorite characters, start with crafts which are based on them.
Look at your children’s interests
Some kids go through phases of intense obsession. It could be about cars, trains, trucks or even Spiderman.
A scrapbook is a great idea for your children to cut out pictures of trains from magazines or newspapers and stick them in. You can teach your children to make simple train crafts using these pictures.
Use experiences
For kids, novelty is everywhere. They delight in everything: the first time it rains, tasting a new dish, or a visit to a farm. Let their excitement translate into crafts!
If your children prefer to let their thoughts flow, leave them alone with paper and art materials.
Festivals like Christmas, New Year ceremony are also wonderful opportunities to get ideas to craft. In addition, they’re usually home for the holidays, there’s time to spend on crafting.

Recycle and reuse
The best way to encourage creativity is reusing something!
Give your child an empty shoe box or milk can and ask them what they can make with it. The possibilities are endless and your children’s ideas can make you really surprised.
Bubble wrap, CDs, magazines, bottle caps, drinking straws – there’s nothing that can’t be reused! You can encourage your kids to make use of regular household objects and toys to create amazing setups for play!
Even if you’ve got all these tips to introduce your kids to crafts, they will do their best when you get down and get involved too! When your kids are starting out in the world of crafts, parental support is critical. But let your children create whatever they want and just be there to support and encourage them.