Common Craft Fair Mistakes You Should Avoid (part 1)

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Have you ever attended a craft fair, walking into a booth and been totally unimpressed, or even got troubled by what you saw? Whether you are a seasoned seller or new craft fair vendor, there are still some costly craft fair mistakes that will lose your sales. Here is a list of the top mistakes at any craft fair that you should make sure to avoid.

1. You’re not well-prepared

You get to the fair, but you’ve forgotten something like selling slips, bags for customers to carry their goods out, or enough products to restock when things get low. The first mistake people usually make at a craft fair is coming unprepared. So, make a list of everything you need and check them off when putting them into your car. Not having enough products to restock or forgetting a piece of your booth as the day goes on are mistakes that can be easily prevented. Make sure to have completely prepared before you arrive to the fair because everyone will notice if you’re not.

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2. You’re unfriendly

Putting all your products up for everyone to judge can be nerve-racking. As a salesperson, you may not feel comfortable , but if you don’t try to talk to people, you’re going to come off as unfriendly. Moreover, you won’t be able to build any customer relationships. A good thing to do is to say hi to everyone walking into your booth and make eye contact with them. If there is someone who is browsing for a bit, try striking up a conversation. What you should do is try to create a welcoming space in your booth.

3. Your booth has nothing that stands out

This mistake is one of the hardest ones to rectify. A good advice is to think of your booth as a product itself. Because it should represent your brand, get creative in expressing that! Use a creative way or bright colors to display your products. If there’s nothing of interest in your booth, people will be less likely to stop by.