Top 10 authentic souvenirs that you can bring back from Qatar (part 1)

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If you are planning your trip to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, so think about what to take home from Qatar as a souvenir. We have put together the best Qatar souvenirs that are unique, trendy, and symbolyzing Qatari culture and inheritance.

1. Abaya

You will find a plentiful range of Abaya shops in Doha to fit every budget. They range widely in quality, design, and price, starting from QR 100 to thousands of riyals in the designer malls. For better value many abayas can be found in Souq Al Dira, but the quality can be variable.

2. Arabic Coffee Pots

Again, tradition is key factor when considering the Arabic coffee pot, the Dallah, as a souvenir. They have been used in Qatar for centuries to brew the traditional spicy of bitter coffee that forms a central part of the tradition of Qatari hospitality and ceremony. The Dallah and the coffee that is served from it is a sign of welcome, marking the beginning as well as the conclusion of a guest’s visit. They make an excellent gift even for non-coffee lovers because they are so beautiful that make a fabulous and attractive decorative ornament in their own right.

3. Decorated Shishas

Shisha culture is one of the oldest and most popular traditions in Qatar and has been for more than 500 years. Shishas are used in homes, parties, restaurants, and lounges throughout the country. Personalized decorated shishas add personality to any room, and make a perfect gift for collectors.

4. Shawls and Pashminas

These wonderful garments are useful, handy, beautiful, and they come in a wide variety of qualities and colours. They’re very inexpensive in Qatar compared to other destinations — so you should definitely consider them as a gift.

5. Oud

One of the most famous souvenirs from Qatar is oud (aloeswood) fragrance. You can buy pure oud oil or oud wood from many shops in Doha, where you can take a fragrant sojourn among the passionate world of Arabic perfumes and let scent-filled flasks of Eastern romance that engulfs your senses.