The best Copenhagen souvenirs (part 2)

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Royal Copenhagen

You often hear Royal Copenhagen mentioned as it involves souvenirs with good reason. The colorful and stunning porcelain they create is a really Copenhagen favorite! A lot of Copenhageners, as well as Danes, collect it and it is often passed along from the older generations to the younger ones in inheritances. Therefore, there are not many homes in Denmark that doesn’t own any bit from Royal Copenhagen. It is something uniquely Danish to sip your tea or coffee from one of their beautiful hand-made cups.

GJØL trolls

Trolls are legendary in Denmark. Not the movie from Dreamworks, but the Danish toy that basically inspired the movie starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick! The two actors are actually almost as humble as Thomas Dam – the one that created this toy back within the 1930s within the town of Gjøl in Jutland. His inspiration came from all his neighbors that might never recognize themselves in his creations, while everyone else easily could guess the neighbor from the tiny troll. You’ll often find different versions of these hanging around in Danish also as Copenhagen homes.

Graphic Prints

There could be dozens of graphic designers illustrating Copenhagen once they see it. Graphic prints there are so pretty that they’re going to brighten up your home without much effort. A number of the famous designers with outstanding Copenhagen subjects are Nonsense, Finn Nygaard, Sivellink, Jacob Sneum, Viggo Vagnby, and more.

Freetown Christiania souvenirs

Copenhagen is that the only city within the world where you’ll get a gift from Freetown Christiania. The flag of the neighborhood is a red banner with three circles, all of which are yellow and representing the dots on the letter “I” within the word Christiania. The colors were chosen because consistent with the people that occupied the old military base within the 70s, there was an outsized amount of red and yellow paint within the area at that point. Christiania’s logo is now found on pencils, ashtrays, umbrellas and T-shirts that are sold as souvenirs to the thousand tourists that visit the district per annum.