The best Copenhagen souvenirs (part 1)

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There are many belongings you can take back home from your trip in Denmark to recollect your holidays in Copenhagen. If you are looking for what souvenirs to shop for when visiting this city for EURO 2020, here’s what you ought to get to remind you of the country’s culture.

Daisy ear-rings or necklace

Admittedly, this souvenir recommendation is usually for the women, but a typical Danish gift when a woman passes high-school may be a pair of matching daisy ear-rings or a daisy necklace. It’s so charming then Danish! This souvenir has been created by Georg Jensen and may be a tribute to our current queen – Her Majesty Queen Margrete II – who we like to call Daisy.

The Wooden Monkey from Kay Bojesen

As you would possibly have known, LEGO is Danish and truly comes from the phrase ‘leg godt’. This will literally be translated to ‘play well’! Danish kids are taught and enabled to play from a really young age and also like to play once they get older. Luckily, we will nearly always play with a number of Kay Bojesen’s wooden creations in our homes or once we visit friends, since most have the wooden monkey – and it’s pretty common that we move it for the kicks of it whenever we encounter it.


The weather here in Copenhagen and Denmark are often pretty horrible sometimes and a few times we will just happen to possess a nasty day. That’s the times, where we use our Hoptimists – they’re the epitome of smile, optimism and good mood! They will be found altogether kinds of versions and for all kinds of occasions today and have had some quite renaissance the last few years, ever since Gustav Ehrenreich in 1968 created the primary perfectly shaped wooden versions of this joyful toy.