Sports Tech Startup FanFood and Mars Wrigley Team Up to Boost Confectionery Sales at Sports Venues

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FanFood, a concessions management and mobile ordering platform at sports and live entertainment venues, partnered with, Mars Wrigley, on a pilot test at Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, North Carolina to test how technology can be used to drive Confectionery sales. Executed over the course of July and August, the test concluded with an increase in overall concession sales led by the doubling of confectionery sales. Insights on how to best use mobile technology to drive reach and conversion among non-confectionery buyers at sports venues were also garnered from the test.

FanFood’s mobile ordering platform was first implemented two years ago at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, a 10,000-seat ballpark home to the Triple-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. The app soon gained popularity among Durham Bulls‘ fans as the fastest and most convenient way to order food and drinks at the venue. As a result of FanFood’s user base and the ease of customization on the backend, it was possible to test different menu options and changes to the in-app menu layout during the pilot test. The app was also able to send targeted messaging and promotion information to users, as well as provide detailed data reports and visualizations.

“The value of FanFood’s mobile ordering platform goes way beyond efficient concessions operations and better food ordering experience for the fans,” said Carson Goodale, CEO and Co-Founder of FanFood. “It’s also a data aggregation and analysis platform that offers valuable fan insights. It not only helps concessionaires to generate more revenue, but also allows them to serve their fans better by meeting them where they are.

The test with FanFood was one of Mars Wrigley’s pilots to understand the role that technology can play to enhance the fan experience with their iconic brands such as M&M’S®, SKITTLES® and SNICKERS®.

“Confectionery is an impulse category and the definition of impulse is evolving as technology influences consumers’ demands for ‘what I want, when I want it’. At Mars Wrigley, we see technology as an enabler to improve the shopping experience and that’s why we’re excited to partner with tech startups like FanFood to find better ways for fans to enjoy our brands in sports venues,” said Kelley Walczak, Sr. Business Development Manager at Mars Wrigley.