Six traditional Russian souvenirs to take back home from EURO 2020

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If you are planning a trip to Russia next year to attend some of the hottest matches of EURO 2020, you will undoubtedly want to bring back home some traditional Russian souvenirs for your friends and family (and probably for yourself as well). Surely, you don’t want to end up with cheap, low-quality gifts that you’ll regret buying. If you are looking for nice, unique, and authentic gifts from Russia, there are a lot of quality products that you can easily find.

1. Russian dolls

Multiple dolls wearing traditional dress fitting inside of each other, and called matryoshka, are still the most popular gift that tourists take back from Russia. According to Russian joke, matryoshkas are full of themselves… Nowadays, it is common to see famous (or even infamous) characters in the iconic form, such as leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Of course with the Euro 2020 coming, we are about to witness matryoshkas with football players most probably. The same as the Euro 2020 betting odds are appearing slowly, a lot of different souvenirs will start appearing in Russia as we get closer to the huge event.

2. Caviar

It can be said for sure that everyone will love to receive a tin of black caviar. The red stuff isn’t too bad either, while there’s also a vegetarian variety made out of vegetables. Eggplant caviar, having appeared in the Soviet Union, remains popular today.

3. Vodka

This famous alcohol has many uses: you can drink it, use it in cooking, bathe in it, and even disinfect your hands and cuts with it. Russia’s national drink also comes in many flavors.

4. Traditional sweets

Mishka Kosolapy, Kara-Kum, Rot Fronts bars, Little Red Riding Hood, Kolomna pastila, Tula gingerbread, honey, zephyr, …need we go on. We hope you have enough place in your suitcase.

5. Banya kit

Traveling to Russia without visiting the banya is like going to France without eating a croissant. The tea, hot steam, and hearty food will wash away the freezing weather and there’s nothing like being spanked with birch branches by a naked, muscle-bound man – and you can take home the felt banya hat and massage mittens as a Russian souvenir.