Brazilian fabrics bring warmth to your home

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With its bold and bright colors and floral patterns, Brazilian fabric chita lends a very warm, summery feel to any decor scheme.

We have already talked about chita here on Gift Brazil – the chita, which was only a “fabric of the masses” back in the day returned to the mainstream with full force in recent decades.

The chita – or “chitão,” as it is also known – and is used not only in local craft items, but by also interior designers as part of a project with lots of Brazilian character and anyone looking to give a summery touch to their home decoration.

To give you a feel of what it would look like in practice, we selected some amazing homely spaces where chita has taken a leading role – with so many bright colors around, how would it be possible to come home after a long day at work and not smile?

Chita in decor scheme

Chita in decor

Chita in decor scheme

Credit: Marco Antonio - Casa e Jardim

Credit: Marco Antonio – Casa e Jardim

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